My first EP will feature 5 songs

  • Mon histoire tells the story about my encounter with music through the guitar and, at that time, my fears about society. 

  • Inside... After a break up, the need to be alone with myself, fighting to face the person I was.

  • A deux sur un bateau... After rain there's a rainbow, so find your energy back !

  • We've got something on our mind... Create this new project, this idea that has been kept secret for too long and share it with you.

  • Fe-Ma-nity... is the realization, as a white western-european man, about a society where inequality rules and the wish to see woman and man blossom in a balanced relationship.


I have already recorded 5 demos (extracts) of the songs. Let me introduce you today to A deux sur un bateau. Even if it is still far from the final result, I'd like to share it with you and I'll continue to present the other demos in the coming weeks.

If you want to be kept posted about the project and the crowdfunding <3